Our Process


At Red Leaf we collaborate with you to meet both the functional and aesthetic requirements of your landscape and pool dreams. By integrating our creativity and professional experience with your vision, we engage in a design process that begins with an initial meeting to find out what your outdoor living visions are as well as any special requests you might have for the project or installation.

At the conclusion of that meeting we design the landscape and pool plans with your goals in mind, creating three conceptual designs. From these three designs, we create a general budget and make any revisions necessary to move forward in developing one final landscape and/or pool plan. This is our guide during the building process from which we finalize our design package that includes plans for drainage, irrigation, planting, hardscape, pool, and lighting. The design package will also provide a reference point to finalize a clear budget. We will ensure your future project runs smoothly by spearheading all HOA Submittals, WELO plans, permitting requirements, and other administrative details that can be tiresome and frustrating for a homeowner to handle.

At this point, you will have a complete design set for use when you are ready to begin the project. Please contact us today to transform your design into the beautiful landscape and pool oasis you have always dreamed of.


Our hardworking team begins each morning discussing the goals to be accomplished on your property that day. You will be provided with a single point of contact throughout the process to communicate progress and answer any questions you may have. We meticulously direct how each piece is built to ensure all features work in conjunction with one another.

At Red Leaf, our goal is to construct your vision with minimal impact on your daily life. From the moment we break ground to project close out, we will ensure all team members are on the same page, all products are correctly installed, and that the integrity of your initial landscape design is upheld. We work hard to ensure you have a smooth, care-free installation experience.


Red Leaf integrates sustainable design and products into our pool and landscape designs wherever possible, developing water and maintenance plans that are both cost effective and ecologically responsible. We are happy to collaborate with you regarding the level of sustainability you would like to include in your personal landscape and pool design.

We have highlighted some our favorite environmentally friendly products and methods below if you are interested in learning more about your options:

Pool sustainable options:
* Variable Speed Pumps
* O3 and UV Sanitizers
* A&A Manufacturing G4 Vinturie In-Floor Cleaning System
* LED Pool Lights
* Intellicam Chemical Feeder
* Pool solar/solar thermal heating

Landscape Sustainable Options:
* MP Rotator Irrigation nozzles
* Smart Timers
* LED landscape lighting systems
* Permeable pavers


You hired us to transform your pool and landscape dreams into a reality, and we are committed to help you sustain your gorgeous property through continual maintenance by our Green Care Exterior Maintenance (link) division.

We hold ourselves to a high standard worthy of the beautiful properties we care for with comprehensive maintenance services. Green Care specializes in pool cleaning and maintenance, sprinkler maintenance, lighting maintenance, lawn care, litter removal, and shrub and tree trimming. We visit your property on a regular schedule and adjust with the seasons to ensure your specific planting needs are addressed.